CSIA Forensic Challenge Winner

Every year, Hilbert adjunct Steve MacMartin holds the ECI 360 Trogdor Forensic Challenge.  In the challenge, students are provided with a forensic image of a seized computer in which they discover a number of pieces of evidence.  The challenge is different each year, but in general, the students are asked to solve for some sort of forensic challenge presented by the exercise.  This year, the students had to deal with a number of encrypted documents.  The challenge involved determining both the actual passwords used for the documents and providing a detailed explanation of how the passwords were recovered.  Students use the same software and follow the same procedures that are used by government agencies and private firms who specialize in computer forensics.  The first student to finish the challenge correctly is the winner. Congratulations to Marshall Hand, who is the first person this semester to successfully solve all of the passwords and encrypted documents in the case project.