New Athletics Lounge

AthleticsLoungeIf you haven’t wandered over to the Hafner Recreation Center in a few days, you missed the grand opening of the Athletics Lounge.

The old ‘snack shack’ has been converted to a student-athlete lounge.

A few athletic staff members and students pulled up their sleaves and pushed through a good-old-fashioned DYI project. They were able to recycle an under-ultilized space in the Hafner and turn it into a student-athlete friendly study lounge.

Student-athletes have the ability to comfortably sit in couches and tackle home work between classes or while they wait for practices to begin.

The lounge has three student-access computers and counter space with stool seating for those who have a writing or reseach project due.

The lounge with be student-staffed till 11:30 pm each night.

The athletics department encourages all student-athletes to use, enjoy and respect the room.