Co-Chairs Kick-off The Supporting Our Students Faculty and Staff Campaign 2014

Tuesday, March 25th marked the kick-off date for the 2014 Faculty and Staff Campaign. A buzz of excitement filled the campus after the video was emailed to all. The video exhibited the passion and motivation that faculty, staff, and even students have for this wonderful giving opportunity.

The Supporting Our Students campaign provides Hilbert’s faculty and staff an opportunity to make a gift to Hilbert in a personally meaningful way.

“I think it’s very important that faculty and staff show that they support Hilbert,” Dr. Meredith Ezak explained when asked about her involvement as co-chair for the campaign. “One of the things I have noticed during my time at Hilbert is that there are so many funds here at this college and so many opportunities to give back. There really is something for everybody. It’s about finding what matters to you most and giving to that.”

Barbara Bonnano, also a co-chair of the Supporting Our Students Campaign explained, “I find it to be a privilege to be a part of this campaign; I hope others will feel the same and will also want to do the same. I hope that my giving will help to keep these programs going at Hilbert and will continue to expand the programs available.” She also stated, “What more of a powerful statement could we make than by saying our faculty and staff believe in what our campus is doing?”

To learn more about the Supporting Our Students Faculty and Staff Campaign 2014, please click here or contact Tori Felser at 716-926-8884, or by email,





Fun Fact:

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