Inside the Strategic Alliance Feasibility Study – March 28

A joint meeting of both Hilbert’s and St. Bonaventure’s Boards of Trustees occurred in Olean on Friday, March 21. Hilbert’s Board of Trustees was given a brief tour of the St. Bonaventure campus. Much of the discussion on Friday dealt with next steps and a time line for these steps. Presidents Sr. Margaret Carney and Cynthia Zane set forth the components of their joint vision.

The meeting resulted in a decision to establish a small joint steering committee of trustees to work from now and through the summer on board governance issues. Gretchen Wylegala, Hilbert’s Board Chairperson, and five additional Hilbert trustees will serve on the joint committee.

Hilbert and St. Bonaventure have selected the members of the Academic Opportunities Identification Task Force, as follows.

Hilbert College Members
John Culhane, Chair, Criminal Justice Division
John D’Amico, Professor, Business
Mike Degnan, Professor, English
Wendy Edson, Chair, Professional Studies Division
Kate Eskew, Associate Professor, Human Services/Rehabilitation Services
James Golden, Chair, Social Sciences Division
Marne Griffin, Associate Professor, English, Chair for Engaging Educational Practices
Chris Holoman, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Carraugh Reilly Nowak, Assistant Professor, Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation
Amy Smith, Chair, Arts and Sciences Division

St. Bonaventure University Members
Pierre Balthazard; Dean, School of Business
Nancy Casey; Associate Professor, Education
Mike Fischer; Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Anne Foerst; Associate Professor, Computer Science
Pauline Hoffmann; Dean, Jandoli School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Rich Lee; Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication
Wolfgang Natter; Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Phil Payne; Professor, History
Mark Wilson; Associate Professor, Economics
Joe Zimmer; Dean, School of Education

The Academic Opportunities Identification Task Force currently has three day-long meetings scheduled: Saturday, March 29 in Ellicottville, Saturday, April 12 at St. Bonaventure, and Saturday, April 26 at Hilbert.

If you have any questions about this feasibility study process, please remember you can utilize the feasibility study email address at