Hilbert’s Enactus Places Second

By Samantha Koelemeyer

#8Enactus Team Enactus, formally known as SIFE, has been a club Hilbert College has been committed to for years. The 2014 Hilbert College Enactus Team consisted of seven dedicated students and staff members. Professor Daniel Roland was head advisor; Nina Pierino was a previous SIFE member who came along this year to offer insight and provide much needed assistance. The remaining five members were two SIFE veterans and three Enactus newbies. Caitlin Queen was the president of Enactus. Five-year Enactus member Tyler Siwy was a presenter, along with new members Samantha Koelemeyer and Martin DeVarie. Last, but not least, was Amanda Becker, who handled technology, an integral part of our presentation.

Through hard work and perseverance our team came together and gave a presentation to be proud of. Following the long eight-hour car ride from Buffalo, New York, we arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio. The following morning was our first presentation and by the afternoon, it was announced that we were headed for the next round with a trophy in hand. After a long night of perfecting our work, we entered on Wednesday with a new-found sense of confidence. Late afternoon during the award ceremony the winners of each league were sent on stage to collect their hard-earned awards. When league nine was being announced we were shocked to hear Hilbert College called on stage. In our stage of shock, we were amazed to hear Hilbert College had won second place in our league. When we stepped forward on stage, a larger trophy and $2,000 for the Hilbert College Enactus Club was presented to us. 16We Are Enactus

This meant that in just under two months our seven members rallied together to make it to the top 40 out of 200 colleges around the United States. An impressive position that our Enactus Presentation team worked hard to achieve!