Faculty Mini-Grant Awards for 2014-15

The faculty mini-grant award cycle for Fall, 2014, has begun.  Two $1,000 awards are available.  Attached is the timeline, as approved by the Faculty Development Committee, with a deadline of Monday, October 20, 2014.  Also attached is a copy of the grant application guidelines and form for 2014-15.  Finally a list of (currently ineligible) award recipients from the past three academic years is included.

Right now the deadline is 48 days away—plenty of time to reflect on what you might like to do in submitting a grant application, through Charles Ernst, to the appropriate subcommittee of the Faculty Development Committee for consideration.  It is expected that grant award recipients will be announced before or by mid-December, 2014.

FDC Grant Application 2014-15

Previous Award Recipients (2011-14)

Timeline for Grants-Faculty Awards (Fall, 2014)