MSCHE Chair of Evaluation Team Selected

The Chair of the evaluation team that will visit Hilbert College in Spring 2016 as part of Hilbert’s decennial reaccreditation has been selected.  Sister Candace Introcaso has agreed to Chair the evaluation team.  Introcaso is the President of La Roche College in Pittsburgh, Pa.  She also recently was the Chair of the evaluation team that visited St. Bonaventure University during their most recent decennial evaluation.

More information on the Peer Review Process
Prior to the full team visit, the Chair of the team makes a preliminary visit to the institution to ensure that it is indeed ready for a team visit, to establish the schedules, to clarify the expectations of both parties, and to ensure that the team receives in advance any basic materials needed to understand the institution and its context.
At the time of the evaluation visit, the team conducts numerous interviews with administrators, faculty, staff, students, trustees, and any other constituents that may be relevant to the self-study. The team members discuss their findings with each other and arrive at a consensus. The Chair writes the team’s report, which the Chair transmits to the Commission and to the institution, and presents a brief to the Commission that summarizes the report and includes the recommendation that the team makes for Commission action.