News & Notes – April 10

— Honors Capstone Presentations Next Week

Tuesday, April 14  3:15 p.m.
Shauna Giambrone (FS/CSI):  Is Technology Driving Us or are We Driving Technology?
Sierra Love (FS/CSI):  Sibling Abuse; The Civil War at Home
Angela Mesick (FS/CSI):  The CSI Effect
Ryan Rusin (CJ): The Use of Force in Law Enforcement

Tuesday, April 21 3:15 p.m.
Samantha Gerstner (FS/CSI):  Don’t Dread Your Diploma
Heather Heineman (BUS): Buy Local and Boost the Economy—and Your Health
Anthony Schaffer (BUS): Transcendental Meditation Makes Dollars and Sense for U.S. Companies

Capstones will take place in the Honors Lounge, PAC 139.  I realize April 14 is the first day of registration for the fall and will no doubt be a busy day for many of you, but I hope you’ll be able to set aside some time to attend the presentations.

If you could let me know if you’re planning on attending (either or both days), that would be appreciated—I don’t want to run out of cookies!  Thanks for your continued support of the Honors Program students.  Amy

— Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph sell motherhouse
Business First –
Buffalo News –

—  Professor Chris Gallant recently participated in the judging of the Michigan Emmy® Awards. The category he served on was PANEL 8 – “Documentary & Writer Program”. He has been judging the Emmys since winning his first award in 2008.

— Later this month, Steve Fox, Lab Supervisor for the Center for Creative Media Studies, will present at this years “Games for Change” Festival at NYU. He will be presenting on Wednesday morning on the representations of post-colonialism in games; something that was a cornerstone of his graduate work.

— DMaC Student Updates

Ryan Fleet, ’13 is now working as a cinematographer/editor for Cumbo productions which is contracted with New Era cap company for commercial production.

Adam Matula, ’13 is now Director of Content at Centscere, a nonprofit crowdsourcing platform.

Brittany Madej, ’12 is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for The Elizabeth Stablewski Team, part of Nothnagle Realtors ( She began with the company in November of 2014.

Two of Hilbert’s Film and VFX students, David Seifert, ’17 and Nick Miller, ’16 have been accepted into summer internships with dPost postproduction house ( They will both be working in the editorial and motion graphics area of the company.

Jennifer Grzeskiewicz, ’15 is just completing an internship with Time Warner Cable News, and finally Mark Morris, ’15 is completing and internship with tournament coordination at Harbor Center in downtown Buffalo.

— Legal Studies grad Shannon (Brundige) Spratt was recently promoted to Assistant Counsel with the New York State Police.

— Justin Proudman, a Hilbert alum and part-time campus safety officer at Hilbert was promoted to Supervisor of the Campus Security staff at ECC South.