Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty & Staff

Office 365 is Microsoft’s online office service – our newest license with Microsoft includes the ability for you to install the full version of office 2013 on up to five (5) of your home computers.  This program is not for you to install office 2013 on your work computer,  that will be installed by Helpdesk in the coming weeks.

Unlike in the past years,  there is no DVD-Disc option for take home copies – This is an online only option, as a digital download.  There is no fee for this service.  You will use your Hilbert Email address to self-register for Office 365.

A similar service will be available to all current Hilbert students in the coming days, and we will be advertising to them via Hilbert’s Blackboard system.

Setup Instructions: 

  1. Registration Link:
  1. Enter your full email –
  1. You will receive an email from Microsoft with a link to click to complete your account registration.   You will need to provide Microsoft with your full name and a create a new password  (THIS IS NOT THE SAME PASSWORD AS YOUR HILBERT ACCOUNT) –  Since this is an off campus service, you will need to set a password for this account.  When you access Office 365,  you will use your Hilbert e-mail as the username, and use the password you created during this step.  This Office 365 password is not tied to your Hilbert password, and will not be affected when you perform any Hilbert account password changes.  The password you create must be at least 8-characters, and contain at least 1 number and one uppercase letter.
  1. After you have created an account on Office 365,  it will show up in my admin console, and I will assign your account the License for the “Take-Home” copy of office.

Once you have completed registration,  you will access this service at

The stipulations from Microsoft for our level of license agreement:

  • Faculty/staff member with an office on campus (not for adjuncts, part-time faculty without an office on campus)
  • Limit of 5 office activations per person –
  • This must be for your personal use at home, on a computer you own.  You cannot “re-sell” or give these to a relative or family member or neighbor, etc.  In addition you cannot use this service to install office 2013 on an on-campus computer –  we have a separate license that covers the on-campus computers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Eric Press, Network Specialist, at 716-926-8903 or