Middle States Self Study


We are pleased to be able to share with you the current draft of the Self Study. You will find it on the page of the intranet dedicated to materials for this accreditation cycle: https://intouch.hilbert.edu/ResourcesAndInformation/Middle_States_Accreditation_2016/default.aspx

The title is “Self Study 9-16”

Please note that this remains very much a work in progress!  We continue to make revisions and corrections. You will see, for example,  that most of the appendices and attachments remain to be inserted, as is the data from Fall 2015 enrollment that has just closed.  Also note that we are planning to end each chapter with “Future Directions” (or similar) which are positive initiatives either underway, planned, or under review, and “Self recommendations” which are those areas where we have identified work that needs to be done to reach the Standards.  Please keep ideas for those sections in mind as you read the draft. Most of what is  currently in those sections is the work of the faculty/staff teams and will be revised in later drafts based on input from the College community.

Note that if you choose to print the document out, it runs to about 80 pages; please consider the resources consumed.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please see either of us. Purely editorial corrections (typos, etc.) can also be forwarded to Eileen.

As you might remember, we need to send a draft to our visit team chair, Sr. Candace Introcaso, two weeks prior to her visit on October 9. (The entire timeline for 2015-16 is also on the intranet site linked above). Thus, we would like to have any changes at this stage submitted to us by next Monday (9/21).

You will have several more opportunities to comment on subsequent drafts, including town meetings before the document is finalized in the winter, as noted on the timeline.

We would like to thank all the members of the work teams and especially the Steering Committee for their work to date.

Chris Holoman and Don Vincent