Middle States Town Hall Meetings

As previously announced, there will be three Town Hall meetings to give all Hilbert faculty and staff an opportunity to comment and offer input on the self study. The most recent draft is available on the intranet here: https://intouch.hilbert.edu/ResourcesAndInformation/Middle_States_Accreditation_2016/default.aspx

It is the document titled “self study 11-12.” Note that earlier drafts have been removed to avoid confusion, but are easily available upon request.

The meetings are:

Monday, Nov. 16 at 3:30, open to all

Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 3:30, open to all

Friday, Nov. 20 at 10:00, open to all

All will be held in the Library Conference Room. There will be very limited presentations—just reminders about the process—and you need not attend more than one.

This will be your best opportunity to help identify what we as a college will lift up as particular suggestions or recommendations, so we hope you will be able to attend.

Please note that this is indeed a draft and work in progress. We will continue to revise, correct, and update the document prior to its submission to our visit team in February. We will post subsequent drafts for your review and comment, but we need to be working towards a pretty firm penultimate draft by the end of the calendar year so that we can assemble all the documents and make any last minute changes.

Thank you to all the work teams and especially the Steering Committee for their hard work.