New Online Student Newspaper Launches at Hilbert !

To the Hilbert Community:

I’m proud and excited to tell you about a new, student-run publication, tentatively named Hilbert College News. The publication operates as Journalism Practicum, COM 443.

Please visit the link here and come back often: Please consider sharing this link.

We will have much to talk about with you in the future — not the least of which, we will need the college community’s help in choosing a permanent name. More on that soon. But for now, we’d like to say hello, and let our student journalists’ work speak for itself.

At the moment, we plan to publish weekly, with new content available every Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, do you have a story tip? Is there an event or an issue you think we should cover? You can reach us at

Any student interested in writing is also welcome to be a part of this publication by submitting a story idea or photo, regardless of major. They should contact me if they are interested.

Thanks to Hilbert for launching this project, and to Professors Amy Smith and Chris Gallant for helping us get under way.

It’s an honor to advise these students and to be a part of this warm and welcoming community.



Dan Higgins

Adviser, Hilbert College News



Be sure to watch the weekly video feature Hawks On: Hilbert



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