New Look for Hilbert Weekly!

StudentAmbassadorsAs you can see Hilbert Weekly has been refreshed!  We are currently working to update all of our college blogs.  Hilbert Today will be refreshed and we will be introducing a new blog, titled — Hilbert CommUNITY.  Keep on the lookout!

Hilbert Weekly will still be your source for all internal, faculty & staff, related business updates.  Including human resources information, important reminders, invitations, nominations, etc.  We will continue to include kudos and congratulations information (for now), but that will also be a key feature to our NEW Hilbert CommUNITY blog.

Hilbert Today will remain as a key external blog (for all constituents, students, parents, prospect, alumni, faculty & staff).  However, its focus will shift exclusively to photo galleries, video features, and events.

Hilbert CommUNITY will also be for all constituent groups, but will focus on community to include, inspiration, accomplishments, celebration of news and initiatives.  Another purpose of this blog will be to help build an inclusive and welcoming environment.  I hope many of you will find ways to contribute with all the great things happening in your areas.

As always, you can email any potential items to Matt Heidt (, but I also hope to create an online submission system for you to utilize in the near future.  Thank you!