Update from Title IX Coordinator

Hello, Colleagues:

As we begin to welcome students back to campus I wanted to take a minute to remind you of your legal obligation as a Hilbert College employee to be a Mandatory Reporter.  All Hilbert faculty and staff, with the exception of the Director of Counseling, Nurse, and College Chaplain, are Mandatory Reporters when it comes to sexual misconduct among the Hilbert community.  As a Mandatory Reporter you are legally required to report any complaint of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.  I am the designated Title IX Coordinator at Hilbert College.  My contact information is below.

Sexual misconduct includes any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual activity or contact, sexual exploitation, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.  Sexual misconduct may occur between members of the same or opposite sex, in heterosexual or homosexual relationships, and among students, faculty, staff, and/or visitors to the campus.

If sexual misconduct is disclosed to you, please inform the reporting individual that:

  1. “You have the right to make a report to Campus Safety, local law enforcement, and/or state police or choose not to report; to report the incident to Hilbert College; to be protected by the institution from retaliation for reporting an incident; and to receive assistance and resources from Hilbert College.”
  2. You are required by law to bring this report to the Title IX Coordinator.  While you cannot offer confidentiality, you may offer privacy.  Privacy means that you will not disclose information more than is necessary to comply with Title IX, Enough is Enough, and other applicable laws.

Once you receive a report of sexual misconduct, first make sure that the reporting individual is safe from immediate danger/threat.  Depending on the situation you may need to contact Campus Safety.  Campus Safety can offer assistance in getting a victim to a medical professional.  Once these immediate items are taken care of, contact the Title IX Coordinator directly.  Do not follow the chain of command.

If you missed the mandatory Title IX training at the College Wide meeting earlier this month you will be required to complete the training online in the coming weeks.  I will be in touch with anyone who still needs to complete training.  The new red Emergency Folder that was distributed at the College Wide meeting will be placed in faculty and department mailboxes for all employees who missed the training.

Please take the time to review the attached Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy.  This policy applies to all members of the Hilbert College community including faculty, staff, and students regardless of full-time or part-time status.  If you have any questions, or need to make a report of sexual misconduct in our community, please contact me.

Please pass this message on to anyone in your department who does not have regular access to their Hilbert e-mail.

Thank you and good luck with the start of the new school year!

Katie Martoche

Director, Center for Career & Community Engagement
Title IX Coordinator