Hilbert Students Attend the 17th Annual Penn-York Undergraduate Research Conference

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, a group of students and faculty members from the Psychology and English Programs traveled to St. Bonaventure University to attend the 17th Penn York Undergraduate Research Association Annual Conference.  The conference is a showcase for undergraduate research efforts from any academic discipline.  Penn York is an opportunity for students to gain valuable feedback regarding their projects, meet and interaction with faculty and students from various colleges and universities.

This year’s faculty attendees were Dr. Caitlin Szalkowski, Dr. Edward Pristach, and Dr. Amy Smith.  The following students from the Psychology Program presented posters: Brianna Guarino (“The Effects of ASMR on Salivary Alpha-amylase in the Presence of Physical Stress”), Samantha Motak (“Is There a Difference in Academic Involvement Between Those Who Binge Drink and Those Who Do Not?), LeAnna Nemeth (“Short Term Memory Differences Between Yoga and Exercise”), Emily Speidel (“Marijuana Use and Academic Involvement in College Students“).  Jennifer Robinson, of the English Program, spoke on the topic of “Early Feminism during the Civil War Era”.

Psychology students Vanessa Enciso, Cameron McLeod, and Nautica McCoy also attended the conference but did not present.