REMINDER – Strategic Planning Task Force

Mark your calendars:  Feb. 3, 2017 is Strategic Plan Envisioning Session with Melissa Kelly-McCabe.  FOR ALL EMPLOYEES

Strategic Planning Task Force

Faculty Senate Representatives

  • Professor Charles Ernst
  • Professor Colleen Kumiega
  • Professor Barbara Piazza

Staff Senate Representatives

  • Jenna Dulak
  • Kate Munroe
  • Thomas Vane

They will be joined by the following College-Wide appointees nominated by the Administrative Council:

  • Gary Dillsworth
  • John Czarnecki
  • Jeff Papia
  • Ahyana King

Given that the Enrollment and Institutional Advancement are collectively responsible for 100% of our revenue, I have asked David Rhodes and Kelly Smith to serve on the task force. Additionally, Dr. Ron Eskew will serve ex officio to support the institutional research needs. We are also in the process of identifying student members for the Task Force and will share those names once the appointments are finalized.

Melissa Kelly-McCabe, the CEO of Clear Intent Strategy, has agreed to serve as our facilitator for the strategic planning process this spring. The Task Force’s initial strategy meeting is scheduled for December 9th. I would appreciate your putting a firm hold on your calendar for February 3rd when the College-Wide planning day will be led by the Task Force.